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Episode 169 - All Hands to Battle Stations

Jun 7, 2023



On Understanding Hell


Here is a 45 min Sermon by Tim Mackie, but you can skip the first 12 minutes

Compelled: Speaking and Living the Gospel - Tim Mackie (The Bible Project)


A Good, Brief Article by Tim Keller


A 7 Min Video by Tim Keller

Are People Who Aren't Christians Going to Hell? Is that Fair? | Tim Keller at Columbia University


A 36 Min Sermon by Tim Keller

Hell: Isn't the God of Christianity an angry Judge? – Timothy Keller [Sermon]


Erasing Hell, by Chan & Sprinkle

This book runs through every passage in the OT and NT covering what happens when we die.

The audiobook is available for free at the St. Catharines Lib Hoopla:


A 4 Part Series on the Biblical View of Heaven and Hell by Tim Mackie